direct cremation in Gahanna, OH

Following the cremation service for your deceased loved one, you might wish to hold a memorial service either in a private home or in a church. There are various reasons why it can make a lot of sense to hold a memorial or a celebration of life event right after the direct cremation in Gahanna, OH. Such a gathering will afford you, your family, and other people who knew the deceased to celebrate their memory, to heal personally, and to be there for others. Here’s a look at a few tips that will help you to put together a memorable event.


Choose the Theme

A theme isn’t absolutely necessary, but it can make the event more special. You can, for example, choose a theme based on cultural heritage, religious beliefs, favorite pastimes, and other things. Basically, the theme should be something that was important to the deceased. If the deceased had loved to play their guitar, you might wish to have people play their favorite instrument up front during the memorial service. If the deceased had been an avid sports fan, you can encourage attendees to wear sports jerseys in honor of the deceased.


Plan the Program

You’ll want to create the program from start to finish. It will make the event flow smoothly, and will also help to keep things on track. Choose people to do things like reading the eulogy, playing some music, singing some songs, and more. You will, of course, want to ensure that you get everyone’s permission before you put them down on the program.


Choose Time and Venue

Where do you want to hold the memorial service? You can hold it just about anywhere. Whether you have the memorial in a private home, at a park, in a church, or in a reserved section of a restaurant, the main thing is that people who loved the deceased gather to honor their memory. Will you be having a reception afterward? Figure out whether you and your family will prepare the food or if you will perhaps cater the event.

direct cremation in Gahanna, OH

Spread the Word

If you plan a memorial, you need to spread the word. Some people include this information in the obituary. This is a good idea since those who wish to attend the memorial will know the particulars.

If you want more information on how to plan the best possible memorial, you can count on the advice of a reputable death care services provider. Yes, they’ll be there to help you plan the body disposition. But they’ll also be a good source of tips and suggestions for the memorial. When you need to find a reputable and professional provider of direct cremation in Gahanna, OH, we’re here to help. We’ll be honored to help you plan a fitting final send-off for someone you know and love. Unlike some cremation services provider, we actually offer other options that you and your family may be interested in. For instance, we offer private viewings, mailing of cremated remains, delivery of cremated remains, and more. Give us a call or stop by for a visit when you require our help.