When you visit a provider of direct cremation in Columbus, OH for a consultation, you might be surprised at the wide variety of options available. One reason is that some crematories have a sparse selection of services. In addition to offering direct cremation packages, a reputable death care services provider will also provide more products and services that you’ll want to consider whether for yourself or for a loved one who has recently passed away.

direct cremation in Columbus, OH

Here’s a look at some of the merchandise that you can get from a cremation provider focused on customer service.


You likely already know that an urn will be needed. If you don’t want to buy an urn to put the ashes of your deceased loved one into, you can ask the crematory you work with for a simple container. Most people, however, go with an urn. If this is the direction you choose to go, you might be surprised at the range of options available. What you plan to do with the ashes will play a key role in determining what urn you buy. For instance, if you want to scatter the ashes, then you can get a scattering urn – an urn that makes it easy to scatter the ashes. If you want to keep the urn at home, you can perhaps invest into buying something nicer and more durable.

Urn Vault

Another product you can get from a cremation provider is an urn vault. You’ll want one — and in some cases might require one — if the plan is to bury the urn in a cemetery plot. An urn vault is an enclosure within which you place the cremation urn. Once the urn is placed inside, the urn vault is buried. The urn vault helps to preserve the urn’s structural integrity so that it goes not cave in once it is buried underground. You’ll also see that urn vaults are aesthetically attractive, and there are different options and various price points.

Cremation Jewelry

A cremation services provider will also offer options on the cremation jewelry front. Cremation jewelry looks similar to other types of quality jewelry items, but they include compartments in which some of the cremation ashes are placed. So it can have sentimental value.

DNA Memorial Home Banking

This is a unique option that will benefit you and your loved ones long after the deceased is gone. Once this process is completed, the deceased’s DNA will be given to whoever they specified it should go to. It will contain useful data about possible diseases that might be hereditary. And your future descendants will have a vivid picture of their deceased loved one on account of the DNA bank.

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