What are you supposed to do if you realize that a loved one has passed away? It can be hard to process things if you are in the same space with a loved one when they die. While it’s important to contact a Columbus, OH direct cremation provider, there are things that you need to do before and after calling the service provider that will perform the direct cremation.

Columbus, OH direct cremation

Here’s a look at some of the things you need to do after realizing that a loved one has passed away.

Obtain Legal Pronouncement of Death

You first need to obtain a legal death pronouncement. Should you be in a medical facility when this happens, a doctor can make this official pronouncement. Otherwise, you should contact the police. They will know what to do and whom to call if a death pronouncement is needed.

Contact a Crematory

You should also contact the crematorium that will perform the direct cremation. They will come to retrieve the body and to transport it back to the facility as soon as possible. Usually, you will be given a timeframe by which time they will come to take the body to the crematorium. Assuming the deceased did not preplan and prepay, you can ask crematories about costs over the phone. Service providers are bound by law to offer you this information over the phone if you request it. You can then plan the body disposition for your deceased loved one.

Let Family and Close Friends Know

It’s important, of course, to let your family and close friends know of the development. You don’t have to call everyone at the same time. Focus on family and other people you are especially close to. When it comes to deciding which non-family members to contact, it pays to consider people who were close to the deceased. Sometimes people leave lists of people who they want to be notified after their passing. Check to see if your deceased loved one left such a list behind. If no, you’ll have to use your discretion and contact everyone you believe should get this information.

Make Arrangements for the Care of Dependents and Pets

Did the deceased have dependents or pets? Make arrangements for their proper care. It’s possible that the deceased made it known who they want to take care of their dependents and their pets. But until everything is sorted out legally, you or another family member might need to fill in and make sure that dependents and pets are properly taken care of.

These are some of the things you’ll need to do soon after a loved one has died. If you need to find a Columbus, OH direct cremation provider, contact us at Buckeye Cremation by Schoedinger. Due to requests we’ve received from our customers over the years and decades, we offer cremations that are simple and affordable. We’ll help you plan a direct cremation or to preplan one for yourself. In addition to offering direct cremations, we also offer witnessed cremations, private viewings, mailing of cremated remains, delivery of cremated remains, and more. Call us at (614) 429-5699, visit our office at 655 Metro Pl S Ste 600 Dublin, OH 43017, or check out our website at https://buckeyecremation.com.