Gahanna, OH direct cremation

If you plan to bury the urn containing a deceased loved one’s ashes, you will want to consider an urn vault. An urn vault is a container into which an urn is placed before being buried. On the one hand, it might be necessary depending on the cemetery you contact. On the other hand, it’s a good idea even if you don’t absolutely need one. You can get some feedback from a Gahanna, OH direct cremation provider if you’re unclear as to whether or not an urn vault will be necessary. Here’s a look at the benefits of getting one.

Less Complications When it Comes to Securing Burial Spot

Again, not all cemeteries mandate that urn vaults be used before urns can be buried on their grounds – but the majority of them do. So you can make things easier on yourself and avoid disappointment if you buy an urn vault. That way, you’ll be able to bury the urn at any cemetery that permits the burying of urns. You will want to steer clear of a situation where you have to make lots of different phone calls simply because you don’t want to buy an urn vault.


Urn vaults are also very durable. So they will help to maintain the structural integrity of the urn. When urns are buried underground, a lot of pressure is exerted upon them because of the earth piled upon them and the heavy machinery that is used on cemetery grounds. Without an urn vault, a buried urn can be damaged over time. This is one reason why it makes sense to buy an urn vault. Urn vaults are reasonably priced, so they won’t require a massive investment.


Just because urn vaults protect urns doesn’t mean that they’re heavy and bulky. In fact, they’re neither. You won’t have a problem transporting the urn vault because the sturdy protective container is lightweight and easy to move about. When you start to look at what’s available in the urn vault segment, you’ll see just how portable they really are.

Gahanna, OH direct cremation

Peace of Mind

When you bury an urn containing the ashes of someone you love, you’ll feel better knowing that you’ve protected it with an urn vault that will maintain the urn’s structural integrity. And since urn vaults are modestly priced, you won’t have to pay as much as you might think for peace of mind.

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