Have you preplanned your body disposition yet? While many people haven’t for one reason or another, others have or are at least thinking about doing it. You might be surprised at some of the reasons why some people contact Columbus, OH direct cremation providers to preplan cremations or direct cremations. What follows is a look at some of the more unique reasons why you might want to preplan a cremation rather than preplan a funeral.

Columbus, OH direct cremation

“I’m Claustrophobic”

One of the main reasons some people insist on preplanning a cremation is that they are claustrophobic and can’t bear the thought of being confined inside a casket. It might make you chuckle, especially since no one is conscious after they’re dead and placed in a casket. But if you’re claustrophobic, you may head into the preplanning process absolutely dreading even the thought of your body being placed in a small casket, having someone close the lid, having the casket lowered down into the ground, and then having the casket covered with dirt. Making arrangements for a cremation might feel like a much better alternative if you’re claustrophobic.

“Science Project? No Thank You!”

Some people who preplan cremations do so because they’re not interested in becoming someone else’s science project in the generations ahead. In other words, they don’t want to be dug up by a future generation and potentially become someone’s ancient artifact. If you’re cremated, you won’t have to worry about someone digging up your body someday. You’ll be out of harm’s way, and so cremation is the right way to go if you don’t want to be dug up…ever.

“I Want to Stay Close to Loved Ones”

Another reason why some people choose cremation is that it allows them to stay close to loved ones. That’s understandable. In such a case, your ashes can be divvied up in multiple urns so that family members can take home some of the ashes whether they live nearby or far away. So if you want to stay in touch even after you’re gone, then preplanning a cremation and then letting your loved ones know that you want them to keep your ashes is a good way to go.


“I’d Like to be a Keepsake”

Yet another reason some people like to preplan a cremation is that it will allow them to become a keepsake through cremation jewelry. What is that, you ask? Cremation jewelry is jewelry that contains a small compartment in which cremation ashes can be placed. It can be earrings, a brooch, or some other piece of jewelry. You can ask the death care services provider you preplan with for options if you’d like to pursue the cremation jewelry option.

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