When it comes to planning a cremation service, you have the option to include a witnessing component. It’s a time for family and friends to gather together to view the cremation. The viewing area is usually spacious, comfortable, and brightly lit for the benefit of the congregants. So don’t get the idea that it’s a dreary occasion. While tears will undoubtedly be shed, you’ll appreciate the chance to witness the cremation from start to finish with those you love. Read on to see some of the top benefits of witnessing a direct cremation in Grove City, OH.

direct cremation in Grove City, OH

Play a Part in the Process

When you, your family, and close friends of the deceased gather to witness the direct cremation, you will all be able to take part in the process. It might not be an active role – viewing the process – but you’ll still be a part of it. It will be comforting to watch as the deceased’s final send-off commences with the casketed body being placed into the cremation chamber.

Say Final Goodbye

Witnessing a cremation will also provide the opportunity to say a final goodbye. This is especially important if you did not get to say goodbye just before the deceased passed away. You might even be burdened by a sense of guilt if you hadn’t seen the now deceased in a long time. But you can say a final goodbye in person during the cremation. That’s why it makes sense to choose to witness the body disposition.


If the cremation takes place behind closed doors, it might be hard for some of your loved ones to really move on. Witnessing the cremation from beginning to end will give them a sense of closure. This will, in turn, help them to accept reality and to move forward with understanding.

Demystify the Process

While cremation is now at least as common as burial, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some misconceptions about the former. It hasn’t always been possible for people to witness the cremation of a loved one. But now many crematoriums offer this option – and for good reason. When you and your loved ones see the cremation process in progress, you will be able to dispel any misconceptions you may have had.

It’s What the Deceased Would Have Wanted

You can bet that your deceased loved one would have wanted those they love to witness their body disposition. They would want their family and friends around them for their final send-off. So consider witnessing as a show of respect shown to the deceased. It’s what they would have wanted.

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