After the cremation, you will have plenty of options as per what to do with the cremated remains. You can keep the urn at home, scatter the ashes in a place that holds sentimental value to your family, create cremation jewelry that can then serve as a family heirloom, and even bury the urn. If you choose, you can ask a Dublin, OH direct cremation provider for more suggestions on options post-cremation. Should you choose to bury the urn in a burial plot at a cemetery, you should consider getting an urn vault. An urn vault is something into which you place the cremation urn prior to burying it. Here are some of the advantages of getting one.

1. Might be a Requirement

You’ll find that most cemeteries will require that an urn be placed in an urn vault prior to burying the urn. This means that you may not really have a choice in the matter. You can, of course, call around to see which ones make the use of an urn vault a matter of choice and which ones require it. You won’t run into this problem if, for instance, you choose to bury the urn on your property. But as you’ll see below, there are some good reasons for buying an urn vault.

2. Protection

An urn vault will protect the urn. You can be certain that the urn vault will protect the urn containing your deceased loved one’s cremains from earth, water, and other things underground. There’s also the risk of urn damage due to what happens aboveground. Cemeteries use heavy equipment aboveground to dig up dirt, to move dirt, and to do other things. An urn vault will help to safeguard the structural integrity of the urn.

3. Customization

When you buy an urn vault, you can get it customized so that it more fittingly honors the memory of the deceased. This is not to say that you must customize it. Urn vaults are available in different materials types, such as marble, concrete, and wood. And they’re available in various styles.

4. Cost

It’s possible to get an urn vault that costs about the same as – or even less than – an urn. So you don’t have to worry about breaking the proverbial bank. You can find cost-effective options.

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