Worthington, OH direct cremation

After you are cremated one day and the crematory gives your ashes to your family, what should they do with your cremains? You can, of course, count on the professionals at the Worthington, OH direct cremation to offer some recommendations. Once you decide, you will want to communicate your wishes to your loved ones so that they’re clear on what to do. If you decide that you want your ashes to be scattered, here are some ways this can be done.

Scattering Ashes in the Water

One scattering method involves scattering cremated remains on the water. This might require your family to hire someone with a boat to take them out into a body of water. Are you an avid watersports enthusiast? Do you enjoy spending an afternoon by the lake for some fishing? Do you enjoy swimming or just staying cool in the water on a hot summer day? If you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions, then you can ask your family to scatter your ashes on the water. Consider buying a special urn that makes scattering the cremated remains easier.

Trenching Ashes in the Earth

Another common way to scatter ashes is by trenching. It’s actually a simple process. What your family will need to do is dig a trench in the earth, scatter your ashes inside the trench, and then fill in the trench with the earth they had shoveled to the side while creating the trench. Some people choose to trench cremation ashes in a garden or someplace out in a rural region. So you can decide where you’d like your ashes to be scattered if trenching is your preferred method.

Scattering Ashes in the Air

In addition to scattering on the ground and in the water, you can also scatter ashes in the air. You and your family could have an informal memorial in the great outdoors followed by scattering the ashes in the air. This can be a fitting way to scatter your ashes if your family, say, wants to hold a memorial on a private property or even in a park.

Worthington, OH direct cremation

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