If you want to learn more about direct cremation in Grove City, OH, one way you can do so is to visit a cremation provider’s website. By going to the resources section and then scrolling down to the questions and answers area, you’ll be able to find responses to your queries.

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What follows is a look at some of the questions and answers you’ll find on the website of a leading provider of cremation services in and around the area.

Question: What is Cremation?

Answer: Cremation is an alternative to a traditional funeral service followed by earth burial. It employs heat to reduce the human body to small particles and bone fragments.

Question: After the Cremation Process, What Occurs Next?

Answer: After the cremation chamber stage, there will be bone fragments. The fragments will be ground up so that what is left are ashes that resemble sand. The ashes will be placed into an urn or into another acceptable container and given to you or to someone else in your family. You will then take it home, scatter the ashes, bury the urn, or take another route altogether.

Question: What Type of Container Houses the Ashes?

Answer: Unless you buy an urn, the ashes will be returned to you in a simple box. Chances are that you’ll want an urn, however. There are urns to fit any budget. When you consult with a cremation provider, you will be provided with a general price list where you can find a list of all the urns offered as well as what they cost. Urns are available in different materials and styles.

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Question: What Do Cremation Ashes Look Like?

Answers: Cremation ashes, also known as cremated remains or cremains, resemble coarse sand. The color could be white or gray. Depending on the size of the deceased, the cremains will usually weigh between 4 and 8 pounds.

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