direct cremation in Westerville, OH

Whether you plan a cremation or a funeral, you can give a loved one a fitting final send-off. It used to be the case the funerals were way more common than cremations, but things have actually changed to the point where more people plan cremations rather than funerals in many places. While you can’t go wrong going with either option, however, there will be times when a direct cremation in Westerville, OH really is the only viable option.

You’ll know that you should plan a cremation over a funeral if any of the following statements are true.

The Deceased Wanted to be Cremated

It’s always a good idea for people to preplan their own body disposition. That way, they can get what they want, ensure that their loved ones aren’t forced to make arrangements, and spare those they love from the stress that might come from not being sure about whether to go with a funeral or a cremation. If your loved made it clear that they wanted to be cremated yet didn’t actually preplan, then you’ll certainly want to go to a funeral home to plan cremation services. It goes without saying that you will also want to honor their wishes if they did preplan.

You’ll be Moving Soon and Want to Take Your Deceased Loved One

Another benefit of cremation is that it’s a portable body disposition option. So if you need to plan final services but also intend to relocate to another city or state whether in the near future or at some later date, you might wish to take your deceased loved one’s urn with you. It’ll be easy to relocate them if you choose cremation, but you can well imagine that a funeral followed by a casket burial will eliminate the ability for you to keep your loved one close by.

Your Final Services Budget is Small

If you don’t have much money with which to plan final services, then you might want to seriously consider a cremation. It’s possible to plan a low-cost cremation that, while simple, still gives someone you love a great final send-off. It can also be fulfilling for you and your family. So there isn’t necessarily a correlation between what you spend on the body disposition and the meaningfulness you derive from the body disposition. The funeral director will show you that it’s possible to arrange an affordable body disposition that you and yours will remember for a long time.

direct cremation in Westerville, OH

Do you need to plan a direct cremation in Westerville, OH? Your first order of business is to find a reputable funeral home to work with. Go online and research service providers, ask people you know for recommendations, and check out third-party review sites. Once you find a funeral home that you wish to work with, you can sit down with the funeral director to make body disposition plans. The funeral director will get you a general price list that will help you to plan. You can ask whatever questions you may have and get the answers you need to plan with confidence.