Grove City, OH direct cremation services

When there’s a death in the family and you need to plan final services with a Grove City, OH direct cremation services provider, one of the things you’ll want to work on is the obituary. You can count on the service provider to help guide you through the process. But it’s also a good idea to have at least a general idea of what writing one entails before you visit the crematorium. Here are some tips that will help you write a fitting obituary for someone you love.

Announce Loved One’s Passing

Remember that an obituary is basically a death notice. So what you want to do at the onset is to announce the passing of your relative. Give their name, age, and the day that they died.

Provide Some Biographical Information

You’ll also want to include a brief biographical portion that includes the day they were born, where they grew up, their educational achievements, their professional and personal accomplishments, and their career history. The goal is to try to fit in all this biographical information into a few short sentences.

Add a Personal Touch

Don’t forget to inject a dose of personality into the obituary. So don’t only say that the person was kind — provide a short anecdote that shows their kindness in action.

Include Family Members

This part can get tricky since you don’t want to leave anyone out who should be included. But you really don’t have to list every family member. Stick with spouse, children, parents, and siblings. You can mention the others with general terms like “cousins.” Also don’t forget to add close loved ones who died previously.

List Final Services Details

If there will be a service of some kind, be sure to list the details in the obituary. You can also make requests such as a donation to a special cause in lieu of flowers.

These tips will help you craft the right obituary for your deceased loved one. A Grove City, OH direct cremation services provider like us at Buckeye Cremation by Schoedinger will be able to help you at every stage in the process. In fact, you’ll be able to list the obituary on our website where family, friends, and members from the community can go to read about how special your loved one was…and still is. The thing with online obituaries is that you’ll have more space at your disposal than you would in a newspaper. So you might want to write a short obituary for the newspaper and a longer one for our website. Contact us by phone at (614) 429-5699 to speak to someone about what you need. You can also visit our location at 655 Metro Pl S Ste 600 Dublin, OH 43017 or check us out online at When you view our website, you’ll be able to see obituaries that other families have posted in honor of their deceased loved ones. Reading some will give you more of an idea of how to make one for your family member who has passed away.