direct cremation with a Westerville, OH

Direct cremation is the most straightforward and cost-effective body disposition option that there is. Many people are planning cremations these days, and a lot of them are going with direct cremations. There are many reasons why this is the case – and a main reason is the lower cost. If you’re thinking about planning a direct cremation with a Westerville, OH funeral home, it will help if you know what this final services option actually entails. Here are the details.

Body Disposition Done Quickly

There is very little delay between the time of death and the time of the cremation. Once some paperwork has been signed and the death certificate has been obtained, the direct cremation will take place. In fact, direct cremation is conducted so soon after death that the deceased is usually buried in the clothing they had on at the time of their passing. Because of how quickly things are done, direct cremation is so cost-effective.

Plain Container Rather than Costly Casket

Another thing about direct cremation to know is that the deceased is usually placed into a plain container rather than into a costly casket ahead of being placed into the cremation chamber. So this, too, will help to keep down costs, and this makes direct cremation the least expensive body disposition there is. It’s an option that makes sense for those who don’t want to spend any more money than they have to for final services.

No Extra Services

If you’re planning a direct cremation, you’ll typically skip the wake, the church funeral service, the viewing, and the visitation. These extra gatherings can be part of a traditional cremation but not part of a direct cremation. As well, direct cremation means that there is no embalming and no further body preparations like makeup or hairstyling.

direct cremation with a Westerville, OH

Even if you plan a direct cremation and skip the extras as mentioned above, you can hold a memorial service after the body disposition. Many families go this route as they recognize the importance of having an event where family and friends can come together to honor the deceased. The memorial can be more informal and relaxed, too, since it can take place weeks or even months after the cremation. With COVID-19 gathering restrictions in place, it might be best to hold a memorial later when the pandemic is under control or to hold it online.

When you visit a death care services provider to discuss final services, you’ll want to know you’re making the right decisions. We’re a reputable provider of direct cremation in Westerville, OH, and we have experience helping people to plan body dispositions. Whether you plan online at our website at or in our office, we’re here for you. Unlike some cremation services providers, we actually offer other options that you and your family may be interested in. For instance, we offer private viewings, mailing of cremated remains, delivery of cremated remains, and more. Get in touch for the help you need.