If you find yourself having to plan a direct cremation in Dublin, OH, you may wonder which company to contact so that preparations can get underway. You’ll find that there are various options in and around the region, but that doesn’t mean that all options are equally good for you. For instance, you might be wondering if it matters whether you go to a crematorium that focuses on cremation or to a funeral home that offers cremation. While the decision is ultimately yours to make, you will likely be better served if you plan with a crematorium. Here’s why.

direct cremation in Dublin, OH

It’s What They Do

First off, a funeral home that offers cremation can do a pretty commendable job. There’s no denying that. But there’s something to be said for specialization – especially as it relates to you as a consumer who may not know much about body dispositions. So if you want to plan a cremation, then your best bet is to contact a crematorium or crematory that focuses solely on that type of body disposition. They will be able to offer you exactly what you want, answer all your questions, and sell you any of the products or services you need.

Lower Cost

A crematorium usually has lower overhead costs than a funeral home. What do companies do when they have higher expenses? They usually pass on some of that overhead to their customers. With crematoriums focusing on cremations, the overhead is bound to be less. So service providers won’t have to pass on costs, at least not to the same extent, to their clients.

Easier to Monitor Quality of Care

If you hire a crematorium to do the final services, you can usually be certain that the body will remain on the premises until the cremation is done. This means it will be easier for you to ensure that the body of your loved one is handled with care. It’ll be harder for you to keep an eye on things if you sign on with a funeral home that uses a third-party service provider to conduct cremations. Since the body will likely go from the funeral home to the crematorium, it will be harder to ensure quality control.

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