Does the thought of going to a crematory to preplan a direct cremation in Grove City, OH fill you with apprehension? It’s understandable if you’d rather talk about things like your job, your family, and your hobbies more than to discuss your mortality. But that doesn’t mean there’s anything to be afraid of since a reputable crematory will offer you the help you need.

direct cremation in Grove City, OH

Even so, if you’re getting cold feet about going to a crematory to make arrangements for your final services, the good news is that it’s possible to preplan online. You’ll need to find a death care services provider that offers this option, of course. Once you do, preplanning will be as easy as going to the site and following a few easy steps. Here’s a closer look at what to expect.

Choose the Cremation Package

You’ll first get to select the cremation package you want. Fortunately, the get to look through a general price list that includes, firstly, an itemized list of what each package includes and, secondly, the costs for the various packages. So choosing the package will be as easy to looking at the list and selecting the one that best meets your needs.


You’ll next get the chance to add extra options. For instance, you might want to get extra death certificates, a witnessed cremation, a private viewing, the mailing of cremated remains, the delivery of cremated remains, and more. It’s important to know that not all crematories offer all of these extras. So if additional options such as the aforementioned are important to you, then make sure you find a death care services provider that can accommodate your wishes.

Productsonline research

You’ll also need to look for other products that are needed for the cremation process. For instance, you’ll more likely than not want to look for a cremation container and urn. The crematory you work with will have options to fit most any budget and preference.

Planning Form

Another important part of the online preplanning process is completing a planning form. You’ll need to provide information such as your name, address, and contact information.

If you’re interested in preplanning your direct cremation online, Buckeye Cremation by Schoedinger can help. We’ll be honored to assist you by phone, in person, or online. In fact, you can find our planning form at In a few simple steps, you can make proper arrangements and set your mind at ease by so doing. You can also give us a call during the process should you have any questions or need some clarification. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for you. We specialize in helping people to prepare direct cremations that are simple and affordable. So we’re the death care services company to contact for preplanning purposes. Do you want to personalize or customize your body disposition? We offer witnessed cremations, private viewings, mailing of cremated remains, delivery of cremated remains, and more. For the help you need, get in touch and we’ll be honored to assist.