Planning final services for a loved one who has passed away is never easy. Even so, you just might have to take on such a responsibility at some point. Finding a reputable Grove City, OH direct cremation will make the whole process a lot easier, but the challenge is to choose the right service provider. Before you make a choice and sign on the dotted line, however, here’s a look at 3 specific questions you need to ask prior to selecting a cremation service provider.

1. What Services Do You Offer?

It would be a mistake to assume that all crematoriums offer more or less the same services. You’ll see differences in service packages and prices, so it’s best to do a bit of digging to uncover the sort of information you need to make an informed choice. You can facilitate the research phase by getting general price lists that detail services, products, and prices. If you have any questions, you should follow up with the respective crematoriums.

2. Will My Family and I be Able to Witness the Direct Cremation?

If you and your loved ones want to be present and to observe the cremation as it unfolds, be sure to ask if this is permissible. Many crematoriums do allow people to view the cremation, but some don’t. So in order to avoid disappointment, ask whether viewings are allowed.

3. How Will the Body of My Deceased Loved One be Handled?

You obviously want to hire a crematorium that will exercise the utmost in care to ensure that your deceased loved one’s body is handled respectfully. You’ll want to know if the cremation will take place onsite or if it will need to be transported elsewhere. Some funeral homes conduct cremations at a third-party site. One problem with this is that you might not know much about the third-party in question. But a crematorium will better be able to monitor quality control since everything will be done under one roof. Crematoriums have processes in place to ensure that bodies are handled with care. Ask what these steps entail, and then decide for yourself.

Want to find a Grove City, OH direct cremation that you can trust? At Buckeye Cremation by Schoedinger, we have answers to all your direct cremation questions. As for services, we offer a mix of direct cremation options that are simple and affordable. In addition to the cremation, you can, for instance, opt for options such as witnessed cremation, services outside of our service area, private viewing, mailing of cremated remains, and delivery of cremated remains. As for viewing the cremation, you can, for a minimal amount, witness the body disposition. This option, which is not offered by all crematoriums, can provide much-needed closure. As for body handling, we have protocols and processes in place to ensure that the body of your deceased loved one is cared for in a respectful way from beginning to end. For more information, you can reach us by phone at (614) 429-5699 or in person at 655 Metro Pl S Ste 600 Dublin, OH 43017.