In this article, you will know the truth behind this myth about cremation.

Cremation is a process that uses high heat to reduce the body to bone fragments, ashes, and gases. Cremation can be done in different ways, including open-air cremation or crematorium furnaces with one of two types of fuel: natural gas or liquid propane.

the truth about cremation

The Cremation is a popular choice for the final disposition of human remains. It’s fast, effective, and final – but it may not be quite what you expected!

The process begins by placing the body on a conveyor belt that takes it to an area where its put through machines that turn it into bone fragments. These are then ground down until they’re just dust-sized particles of calcium phosphate.

The reality is that cremation, including direct cremation in Dublin, OH, is an alternative to traditional earth burial. More and more people from all walks of life are planning direct cremations for their deceased relatives.

The Truth Behind the 3 Myths about Cremation Process

But if you’re pondering direct cremation and want to make a decision, here’s a look at 3 cremation myths to toss out.

  • You May End Up with a Stranger’s Ashes in the Cremation Urn
  • Cremation isn’t for People of Faith
  • It’s Against the Law to Scatter Ashes

1. You May End Up with a Stranger’s Ashes in the Cremation Urn

One fear that some people have is that they might end up with the cremated remains of someone other than that of their deceased relative in a cremation urn. Professional crematoriums have processes in place to ensure that there is no mix-up of this kind whatsoever. Firstly, crematoriums use protocols to identify each body on their grounds.

This means that there is never any doubt as to the identity of any body from the time it enters the facility to the time you receive the ashes in an urn. Secondly, only one body at a time is placed in a cremation chamber. So this means that the crematorium will know exactly whose cremains are in the cremation chamber after the cremation has been carried out. So don’t let a myth rob you of your peace of mind. The urn you get will contain the cremated remains of your deceased loved one.

2. Cremation isn’t for People of Faith

It is true that a few religious traditions are against cremation but many of them are okay with the body disposition. For instance, much of Christendom is fine with cremation, as so, too, are Buddhism and Hinduism. The Roman Catholic Church used to be firmly against cremation, but it has since lifted the prohibition.

While it still favors traditional earth burial, the denomination permits now permits cremation. Religious faiths that are against cremation include Islam and the Eastern Orthodox Church. If you are in doubt, ask an official connected to your belief system for counsel. You’ll find that cremation is no longer shrouded in the taboo it once was.

3. It’s Against the Law to Scatter Ashes

It’s not against the law to scatter ashes. But it goes without saying that you shouldn’t scatter cremated remains on private property unless you have permission to do so. Unless you plan to scatter ashes on property that you own or on property owned by someone who grants permission, you should check with local officials to find out about any applicable rules.

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