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You’ll Get All the Help You Need When You Choose the Right Crematorium

Planning final services for a deceased loved one can be a challenge in the immediate aftermath of their passing. It may take a while to come to terms with their passing, and this season of emotional or mental turmoil can make it hard to do planning of any kind. But… Read More
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3 Things About Direct Cremation You Need to Know

How much do you know about cremation as a body disposition option? Even if you’re familiar with it, do you know much about the simplest form of cremation, namely direct cremation? It really is a straightforward final services option – and it’s also the most cost effective. But aside of… Read More
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How to Write an Obituary

When there’s a death in the family and you need to plan final services with a Grove City, OH direct cremation services provider, one of the things you’ll want to work on is the obituary. You can count on the service provider to help guide you through the… Read More
Columbus, OH direct cremation

What is DNA Home Banking — and Why Should You Care?

If you’re interested in getting all your affairs in order, you’ll likely want to make out a will, pay off your debts, and preplan your final services with a crematorium. One of the options you’ll get at some Columbus, OH direct cremation services providers is a DNA home bank. Read More
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Get Cremation from Crematorium Rather than from Funeral Home

If you find yourself having to plan a direct cremation in Dublin, OH, you may wonder which company to contact so that preparations can get underway. You’ll find that there are various options in and around the region, but that doesn’t mean that all options are equally good for… Read More
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Top Reasons Why People Choose Cremation

The increasing prevalence of cremation as a body disposition method is no passing trend. As any provider of direct cremation in Grove City, OH will tell you, cremation has been growing in popularity for a long time and is just about neck-and-neck with traditional burial. But what are the… Read More
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Ways to Remember a Deceased Loved One After the Cremation

If you know anything about direct cremation, then you understand that it’s the simplest and most cost-effective body disposition. There is no formal funeral service, no body preparations, no viewing, no wake, and no other things traditionally associated with a funeral. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something… Read More
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5 Reasons Why You Should Preplan Your Cremation

Most people are uncomfortable with anything to do with death and dying, and so the last thing they would want to do is head to a crematorium to preplan their body disposition. But there are some good reasons why it makes sense to arrange your direct cremation in Dublin,… Read More
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Direct Cremation Questions and Answers

Are you in the process of planning a direct cremation following the death of a family member? Do you intend to preplan your own final services as part of a plan to get your affairs in order? Whether you intend to plan or preplan a direct cremation in Columbus,… Read More
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The Top 4 Benefits of an Urn Vault

After the cremation, you will have plenty of options as per what to do with the cremated remains. You can keep the urn at home, scatter the ashes in a place that holds sentimental value to your family, create cremation jewelry that can then serve as a family heirloom, and… Read More