At Buckeye Cremation, we believe that you should know all you can about the cremation process and about our services. Tours of our crematory facility in Columbus can be arranged by appointment. We’ll give you the personal attention and advice you deserve, and answer all your questions. To make an informed choice of our cremation services, you should know how the cremation process works, and why our family owned crematory offers peace of mind and confidence to families in Columbus, Dublin, Delaware, Westerville, Worthington, and surrounding communities of Central Ohio. Most of all, it’s important to know that our services are provided by Columbus’s most preferred crematory. We oversee every step of the process and your loved one is always under our direct supervision.

Families may witness the cremation process if you choose.

Please call us to arrange a meeting with a member of our staff. With funeral service prices rising, cremation is more cost-effective than burial. Plus, there are many ecological choices that will interest you. You’ll discover why Buckeye Cremation is central Ohio’s leading cremation service provider.